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The Good In Life

Again, we find ourselves approaching Thanksgiving Day when we thank God for the good things His blessings have brought us. But what are good things? An old truism says, “the good things in life are free.” However, we often find that “we get what we pay for.” But in today’s world you can pay for it and still not get it. What are the good things that make life fulfilling?
The world has many glittering trophies which promise satisfaction to the uninitiated. Have you ever observed young people when their trophies tarnish before their eyes? This is followed by the inevitable disgust that comes from being “cheated”. Do not run and console them with another trophy that will tarnish later. The day that they experience the failure of the world’s promises is a good day!
In Psalm 73, the psalmist writes of the goodness of God and how he almost missed it. He was blinded by the envy he had toward others who were filled with the things of this world, even their ill-gotten gains. It seemed there was no retribution for their sinful lifestyles. He lamented being poor in things and enjoyments. Living a good, wholesome life just wasn’t satisfying. It’s just NOT fair!!
No, it’s not fair; that some should live their entire lives filled only with worldly things and amusements and never come to the truth of where the good in life really is. That so many live life with such a view that they never see below the superficiality of things, fun and irresponsibility, shows the “depth” of just how shallow our culture is. We fail to teach reality!
The psalmist found reality when he entered into God’s sanctuary; into God’s presence. Then he found the truth of life; that the world and its pleasures are fleeting and its end is death. His last bit of wisdom declares, “It is good for me to draw near God.” This is true because God is good and is good to all who trust Him. And we find that some truisms are true after all. The good things Jesus offers, which includes things that are beyond our imaginations’ capabilities to even dream about, are still free. For this, we can always be thankful to God. -- Ben