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Sow the Seeds

In Jesus’ parable of the sower, seeds and soil, there are two constants and one variable. The constants are the seed and the sower. The seed is God’s word which shall never pass away. The sower sows. If the sower ever ceases to sow he no longer is a sower. Therefore, the sower is constant. The variable is the different soils. The soil represent the world and its people including the church, for the church is in the world. The results of the sown word depends on how the persons receive (or don’t receive) the word. Depending on its reception, the word produces no fruit to an abundant harvest. Where there is no water or depth of soil, there is little to no fruit. Where there are weeds (cares of this life), there is life but little fruit. Where there is reception of the word in a continuous manner, there is much fruit. The question comes, “How do we promote fruit?”. How do we care for God’s garden?

We can sow, fertilize, water and pull weeds (correct the erroneous), right? Notice in the parable that there is no weed-puller. This does not mean that we are not to correct erroneous doctrines and practices. We are told by other scriptures to do so. As well, we are told to remove the plank from our own eyes. The problem comes when we are more interested in pulling rather than sowing; fixing what’s wrong rather than sowing what’s right. The devil can provide so many more weeds than we can pull at any one time. If we major on weeds we will never sow seeds. If we seek to make the church perfect or end all injustice before we share the Gospel, we will never share the Good News. But, there is a secret we all know.

Water and mow the grass and the weeds die back. Cease watering and mowing, and weeds return with a vengeance. Grass loves to be cultivated, weeds don’t. Fruit from God’s garden comes from sowing, not weeding. Let’s not be so enthralled with the negatives, we forget to spread the positives. Let’s be about sowing the seeds of the Gospel of Christ.-- Ben

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