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Dear Congregation:
I am thrilled that the Bishop and Cabinet have appointed me as your new pastor, effective following maternity leave. In the midst of this pandemic, I long for us to be together in worship, to get to know you, and to learn about the ministries and missions of Cayce United Methodist Church. Hopefully, we will have freedom to do so in coming months. These times have given us an opportunity to cherish corporate worship (worshiping together as the body of Christ) and allow us to reimagine what church is. We are not bound by a building but indeed the church is the people!

To help you know me better, I wish to share a little about myself as a person and a pastor.

How does a person become a pastor?
I have been a cradle United Methodist my whole life; born, baptized, confirmed, commissioned as an elder in 2014 and fully ordained in 2016. I have served full-time for over 20 years in Methodist churches in Ohio, North Carolina, Washington DC and South Carolina; the most recent six years as Pastor Meg (Epworth Children’s Home, First UMC Winnsboro and soon Cayce UMC!). Church work is a natural extension of my childhood being raised by parents who actively served the church and being a youth who also served at the District and Conference levels of the church. Church work was not my original aspiration, I thought I would be a middle or high school history teacher and coach soccer and track. Then I thought I would be a Forest Service firefighter or a highway patrol officer and later a navy chaplain, but (thankfully) God had other plans. Working for churches has been my joy, challenge, opportunity and has led me to many of the blessings in my life. I was raised by a village of United Methodists who saw gifts in me and nurtured me. I had a United Methodist Scholarship for undergrad (Ohio Wesleyan), graduate school (Pfeiffer) and seminary (MTSO). I met my husband at Salkehatchie in 2012. And, thankfully, I have found work I am both good at (well most of it) and enjoy (well most aspects of it).

How does a pastor become just a person? A pastor wears many hats: preacher, administrator, priest, prophet, teacher – to name a few. Ministry is all-consuming, and one often works 365 days a year, on-call 24/7. I am learning how important it was to have an identity outside of the church, my twenties were spent giving 80-90 hours a week to the churches I served. It was my only identity. I am now learning to value balance and how to be a person with a “normal” life. Churches often put pastors on a pedestal, or sometimes we climb up there on our own! Every pastor needs time to be “just me.” I find myself grounded by non-church activities, such as cooking (esp. gluten free baking), sewing and other crafts, reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts (some churchy and some not), walking outdoors and being with my young family. John and I enjoy movies, though these days it is most often air popped popcorn and DVDs at home. When I engage in these activities, I am renewed spiritually, emotionally, and physically, well maybe not as much physically with 2 boys under 1.5 years old! But it is good to be reminded my identity is not solely as Pastor Meg, (though I love and cherish the call, honor and service that comes with that special title).

How does a pastor become your pastor? At ordination, I took a vow to go wherever the Bishop sends me and became a part of the itinerant system. My District Superintendent, along with the Bishop and Cabinet, prayerfully discerned my appointment to Cayce UMC. All parties have input, including your Staff-Parish Relations Committee. God is in the process. God has a plan! Although the Bishop has made me your pastor, I will only truly become your pastor when you welcome me into your life and your church life.

I look forward to being in partnership with you in the mission of making disciples. I am eager to serve you with all that I have and all that I am, trusting God to equip us both for great things ahead.

Pastor Meg

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